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I've been really trying to get rid of paper in my life since I started college. Instead of taking notes in a notebook, I started taking notes in a notebook app on a laptop or tablet. I just really liked the idea of having everything digital and becoming more technologically savvy. I took this mentality to my jobs if applicable. I just wrote everything down on my computers. It wasn’t really until my current job that I started writing a lot more down than usual. I was using your standard notepad with the binding at the top. It was doing the job, but then I learned about the Panobook.

This is another product I found out about on Studio Neat’s podcast like I did with the Glif. They make a lot of unique and well designed products, so it really intrigued me when they came out with a notebook.

I really liked the idea of having a nice notebook instead of just a generic notepad. It helped that it seemed on trend with this bullet journaling fad that I was starting to take an interest in. I wanted to supplement my digital productivity with something analog.




How I Use It


Freedom of Expression

Having the Panobook enables a freer space for me to express my ideas. There's virtually no restrictions, there are just guide dots and lines that are super helpful. There's something about writing your thoughts down without any restrictions. You can just start writing or drawing without having to worry about conforming your thoughts to fit them in whatever app you’re using.

Page Utilization

I write down my work tasks or more formal personal tasks in landscape on the “left” side of the “right” pages. I also take notes that have to do with those tasks on the “right” side of the “right” pages. I’ve decided to segment each “right” page like this because it works really well for how I do my work. I write down random thoughts or lists that don’t matter as much or draw on the “left” pages. I usually use the “left” page in portrait mode. When I first got my Panobook, I really considered how I was going to use it. I’m glad I figured it out pretty quickly because I don’t know about you, but I really like it when a notebook I’m using is used in a very consistent manner. That’s just me.


The Shape

I really like the “panoramic format” of the Panobook. It fits very nicely below my laptop at work in landscape mode. I can also put it to the right of my laptop if I want to write on it in portrait mode. I’m glad Studio Neat decided to make it in this shape because I believe that enables more versatility for different situations depending on how you want to use it.



I’ve mainly been using my Panobook for daily work tasks and notes associated with those tasks. I’ve also used it for some simple drawings and simple to-do lists for other things. I’m really enjoying this type of notebook. It’s really versatile, and that’s exactly what I want right now. If you’re looking for a notebook, I highly recommend this one.

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