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2018-05-13 03:49:56

The Jeep was an integral part of The War. This exhibit goes to great lengths to show some of how they were made. This exhibit has so many parts to it. There's a whole section of an assembly line. There's pretty much 2 Jeeps. There's even an interactive portion. I think this is one of the coolest exhibits in The Museum.

I really enjoy the lengths the curators went to illustrate the process of making the vehicles we used in this war. This exhibit conveys the industrial feeling that was ubiquitous during this time in our country. Fighting in World War II was truly made possible by the population working back home making things like the Jeep to help those fighting win.

This exhibit isn't just about the Jeep. It's also about oil and how it provided a variety of supplies for the Allied Forces. The interactive portion shows a little bit of the actual welding process. There's just so much going on with this exhibit. I think it offers a lot for people to enjoy and learn. That's why I like this exhibit so much. It has so much to offer to help educate us about this aspect of The War.











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