Weekly Artifacts | Heavy Water Barrel and Trinitite

2018-06-20 02:04:06

The atomic bomb was the most devastating weapon used during World War II. The United States of America used two. They've never been used again for war in the history of this world. I like how these two artifacts are in the same case. One represents the creation, the other represents the destruction. Let me put it more eloquently. One of these artifacts contained a component that the atomic bomb needed to exist. The other was literally made out of the destructive forces of this brutal weapon.

The atomic bomb is such a divisive topic. On one hand Japan may have never surrendered. On the other, hundreds of thousands died because of it. It’s extremely difficult to think about this day and age. I feel emotionally heavy whenever I walk into the two parts of The Museum that have Atomic Bomb content. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be a part of making this decision back then.






We need to always remember the absolute tragedy of this situation. This world must not experience something like this ever again. I think it’s good The Museum didn’t overlook anything about this War. We need to know everything so that we hopefully don’t repeat history. The Museum really does provide an excellent and necessary service so we can get educated and never forget what happened.

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