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2018-06-10 04:03:55

Both sides needed to make the most of what they had during World War II. This vehicle is a prime example of that. It was a civilian car converted into a military vehicle. Each side did whatever they thought needed to be done to help them in this horrific battle. It makes me think, "Was this car willingly given up to the military? Did the owner actually agree with the Nazi ideals? Or was it forcibly taken?"

There's so much more behind an artifact if you think about it. We can never forget everything that was given for this war; nor can we forget everything that was taken.

Ordinary things became extraordinary. Their original purposes did not matter anymore. Anything goes. Anything could have been used. When they were destroyed, they would just seize more and more. I'm sure this tactic increased resources on either side. I don't know much about war, but I can't imagine what it would be like for my car to be seized to be used by the military.



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