2023-08-02 22:49:49

I’ve distanced myself from social media for over two years now. It’s been good for my mental health. I do miss keeping up with people and the world, but Sarah keeps me updated. I do visit a bunch of tech blogs and news sites though and listen to a bunch of tech podcasts, so I know about Twitter’s downfall. I really hate what’s happened to the platform. Musk has ruined it beyond repair at this point I think. He thinks he’s making good calls, yes I know he’s not CEO anymore, but they’re terrible. Key employees left, others were let go, and others were even fired because they spoke out against him. He didn’t understand technically how his own company worked behind the scenes code wise. That’s so embarrassing. The shortsighted, poorly executed rebranding has been a train wreck. He wants to turn Twitter into an everything platform. I think all of this will be in vain, and Twitter will decline. I do hope I’m wrong though. It was a cool place sometimes, and I don’t want people’s hard work over Twitter’s lifespan to be in vain because of one man.

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