Rode VideoMicro

2017-11-18 15:37:59

The Rode VideoMicro is my new microphone. I was using a lavalier mic for recording videos on my phone. It works pretty well. The sound quality is good for up-close things; however, the sound does get blown out for even slightly louder noises. That’s not ideal. I’ve had to redo several videos because of this issue. The VideoMicro can handle a wider variety of situations compared to my lavalier mic.

As a general nugget of information, make sure you get a TRRS auxiliary cable if you’re using this mic with a phone. It only comes with a TRS auxiliary cable.

I made the mistake of not getting that cable for myself, and I couldn't use my Micro for a couple of days after I received it in the mail.

The build is solid. It's all-metal, and I really like that. I was concerned with damaging it from taking the furry windshield on and off, but that will never happen. It's good to know I won't damage my mic unless something extreme occurs.

The shock mount works well. It’s more flexible than I thought it would be, but I understand why it’s like that. It's built with the foresight that the user will be moving it around a lot. I appreciate that consideration. It’s good support for the mic.

I’ve tested it multiple times in very noisy conditions. I made sure that they were similar situations where my lavalier mic failed to record usable audio. Even though the background noise is present, it’s not overblown; and I can still hear myself clearly. That’s such a welcome improvement.

The furry windshield actually works. It’s secure on the actual mic, but it’s also pretty easy to remove and attach if I want to. I like having that ability. I’ve used some smaller wind shields on my lavalier mic, and they only work a little. The shield that comes with the VideoMicro really means business. I vlogged at the Air, Sea & Land Festival. It was extremely noisy because of strong winds and planes flying everywhere and engines running, yet the Micro performed admirably. I’m more than satisfied with the results.

The sound quality is great. It’s much better than my phone’s microphones. It does at least as well with the up-close things as my lavalier mic, if not better. It does really well in wind and noise. I’m so happy with my purchase. I’d highly recommend this mic to anyone looking to have better audio quality in their videos without breaking the bank. You also do not have to turn it on for it to work; just plug it in. This is a great product.

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