I proposed!

2018-08-27 05:28:55

I proposed to Sarah on Saturday, August 28, 2018! This weekend we took a little vacation in New Orleans (that I planned as a surprise). On Friday we went to Herbsaint for some dinner. After that I surprised Sarah with the hotel! We stayed at the Intercontinental New Orleans. Saturday morning we ate breakfast at Pete’s on the first floor. We went back to the room before we went out for the day to rest and watched some SVU. Sarah was washing her hands, and rounded the corner. SVU was still on because I didn’t want her to be suspicious of my turning off the TV. She was in the middle of asking me something, but I was down on my knee. I caught her completely off guard. That’s when I asked her. She said yes! After all of our happiness we called and texted all our family and friends. We walked around the city and visited a few places. We went to the rooftop pool to cool off when we got back. Then we took pictures!



We finished the night seeing Crazy Rich Asians at Canal Place (it was good!). Sunday morning we ate at Pete’s again. Before we checked out we relaxed just a little bit more on our balcony. It was the perfect weekend! I couldn’t be happier! I’m going to marry the love of my life!


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