Thank You, WWII Museum

2023-02-05 12:30:28

January 20, 2023 was my last day as Senior Web Manager at The National WWII Museum. I started there as the Web Developer, August 28, 2017. This wonderful journey was filled with interesting work and interesting people. I've been able to enjoy extravagant events and take part in history. I've made friends and had a lot of fun. I loved my job. I felt a sense of pride knowing I was a part of making sure the mission of this Museum carried on.

Thank you to all those that helped make this job something really special. I will not forget you. I learned so much here from so many people. I gained confidence in my abilities and confidence in myself. I will always be grateful to those that decided to take a chance on me. Thank you.

Updated at: 2023-07-15 07:31:02

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