Happy New Year! (2022)

2022-01-01 11:05:06

This past year was a lot. I did not post anything since last January. I just never felt truly motivated. I started a few pieces, but I obviously didn't finish them. I do this thing where I feel like life needs to be perfect in order for me to write. Maybe not perfect, but some things should have a higher priority over writing, so why should I dedicate time to this recreational activity? I made so many excuses for myself. All these things mixed with just never feeling inspired to do it, or it almost feeling pointless at times is why I haven't posted in basically a year.

2022 will be different. I am taking at least a temporary step back from social media to read more, to learn more, and to write more. I will be working on myself as a person. Growth requires overcoming extreme difficulties, but I'm up for the challenge. I'm looking forward to staying committed to writing more again on this site, and I'm hopeful to see the person I become this year. Happy New Year, everyone!

- Marshall

Updated at: 2023-02-03 08:55:07

Tags: reflection

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