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2016-12-14 17:01:11

This past weekend I spent some time working on my website and YouTube channel . Both have been public for while. I made some channel art for my YouTube channel using a picture I took of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans and edited it with this app called Fragment. That is one of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken, so I thought it would make great channel art. I felt like it represented me well because it depicts where I was from and what I've been around my whole life. It's been my channel art since I started posting videos again (I stopped for a while as stated in my "Thank You, Casey Neistat" vlog).

I had a YouTube Intro and Outro for a while that was an acorn with animated text. However, I always felt that no one understood what that meant because it's an acorn, so I started thinking I needed to change it. I used the Fragment app again for this and paired the result of that with an app called Adobe Spark Post. Fragment provided the acorn and Post provided the animated text. I picked its colors based on how I edited my original YouTube channel art. I inverted the colors and stayed consistent with that colorway.

I don't have a powerful enough computer to do anything graphics intensive; therefore, I wanted to find an iOS app that I could use to make my new Intro and Outro. I found Adobe Spark Video. Within 10 minutes of downloading the app, I had figured out how I was going to utilize its creative tools for my purposes. I was very excited about this change, but it no longer matched my channel art. I wanted to change it several times, but I kept procrastinating. This weekend I finally tackled the task.

I have a banner on my website that I decided to make the same as my channel art. I had originally based my website's colors on this picture. I liked its layout, but I always felt like it wasn't fully complete because of its colors; so I began revamping my website alongside  my YouTube channel.

I love primary colors, and the theme that I have for my website had some presets of the primary colors that were quite close to the pure colors. I had some trouble with theming certain parts of my site such as the footer, but I eventually fixed everything. The final touch was the banner. I decided to make it by directly taking from my YouTube Intro. I just took screenshots of each aspect and combined them in GIMP to achieve my final product.

I felt extremely productive this weekend. My YouTube channel art matches my Intro and Outro, and so does my website. Everything matches now, conversely comparing how they "kinda" matched before. I feel so much better about both. Overall, I feel like my site is a lot cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. Same goes for my channel art. I'm really excited to see what the future holds for both of these.

I plan on uploading more content on each. My mindset and ideas are frequently  evolving, and I constantly think about the kind of content I want to put up. I'm so excited to challenge myself creatively and output what I come up with to the world.

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