The Overcast Hat

2018-01-27 21:46:37

I bought the orange Overcast hat from Cotton Bureau last year. It immediately became my favorite hat of all time. I honestly didn't wear hats that much for most of my life, but I've recently taken a liking to them. This dad hat craze has got me on the bandwagon. Even after it's over (which I hope it never is), I'm still going to wear this hat because that’s just how much I like it. The color is a pretty bright orange, but I like that it's unique. I'm half expecting someone that also uses Overcast to talk to me because of this hat.

I bought the hat to support the developer of the app Marco Arment (and because it looks fire). Overcast is great. It's my iOS podcast player of choice. There’s so many features that make this better than the stock podcast app along and other third-party podcast apps. I've been listening to podcasts at 1.5x-2x speed. You’d think that speeding up people’s voices this much would make them indiscernible, but Marco’s taken care of that. I’m able to understand every word, and I’m am able to consume so many more episodes this way. There's also a Smart Speed feature that shortens the silences during episodes. I really like that because there aren't anymore awkward situations when no one’s saying anything. There's also tons of other features that make this app great such as true black mode, drag and drop playlists, and Voice Boost. I highly recommend using this app to enjoy your podcasts.

Buying this hat was another way for me to be like, yes, I love your app. Please keep supporting it and innovating! I'm extremely satisfied with working this app into my daily use and this hat into my wardrobe.

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