Post-Election Violence

2016-11-19 16:53:31

The riots that are happening aren't good. At all. People are vandalizing and destroying property. That's not what citizens should do if they disagree with the outcome of an election. Instead, they should band together and organize in a way that's focused on changing what they want changed. I understand why these protests/riots are happening. I don't agree with the extreme degree to which some of them have been carried out.

But this election has also birthed even greater hate than there was before the actual election. People are scared for their lives. If you think that the people that are scared don't need to be, you're straight up wrong. All over the internet there are people posting things happening directly to them. You probably don't see too much of what I'm talking about on here, but go hop on Twitter for a quick sec if you're curious. If not I'm sure they're posted other places too.

The hate on both sides needs to stop. The rioting (not protests) need to stop. The sexual, cultural/ethnic, and lifestyle assaults (I didn't know how to word this, but I wanted to cover everything) need to stop. If we want something changed--and I know our system is really messed up--we need to change it by however we (legally) can.

Donald Trump is president. I know a lot of people don't like that. But there are other aspects of our government that are ruining this country. The fact that the electoral college doesn't have term limits is astounding. These elected officials just stay in office, a lot of the time not accomplishing anything or making things worse. You can protest Trump as president, but also give consideration to protesting this aspect as well.

To end, we need to stop hating and disrespecting one another. Kids I went to highschool with are attacking each other. Family members are attacking each other. Don't let this election enable you to forget about what's important in life. Love will prevail. It needs to.

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