Kalea Nani Villanueva

2017-12-08 04:00:51

Austin and I got you in 2004. Mom and Dad drove us to Mississippi to get you. I remember we got you a week earlier than we were supposed to. You were so small. I remember going to the Gulfport Outlet Mall to let you walk around a little bit on the way home. You were our first dog. We were so excited to finally get a puppy. As all kids do we accepted all the responsibilities, not even close to knowing how hard it would be to have a dog. It’s all worth it. All the accident clean-ups. All the bites. All the scratching on doors. All the whining and barking. It’s worth it. We’re going to miss all the cuddling. We’re going to miss how you whined and shook right before we gave you your food. We’re going to miss the weirdest bark in the world. But it was your bark. I’ve never heard another one like it. Not even close. Kalea Nani, we love you; and we’re going to miss you so incredibly much. Have fun in Doggy Heaven.

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Tags: personal reflection

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