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2019-06-13 20:12:00

I started journaling in 2016. Before I continue, let me define journaling for me because I know people have different purposes for it and ideas about it. When I journal, I just write down parts of my day and more recently my feelings about them in DayGram Diary. That’s it. Journaling has solely been for the purpose of posterity and remembrance.

I wasn’t very consistent with journaling until 2018. I would journal every now and then, maybe a few times a week. Sometimes I had spurts of nothing. In 2018, I made a goal to journal everyday. Unfortunately, I didn’t reach that goal, but I do have a journal entry for every single day that year. Luckily, DayGram lets me retroactively input entries, so I can always go back and fill out days I missed.

This is the only journaling app I have experience with. I know there are plenty, but I wanted a very minimal one. DayGram is exactly what I need. It has a simple design that encourages short journal entries. I originally would write down the most significant thing that happened that day. Jotting down a single thought or event was very appealing to me in the beginning. However, I recently started writing down how I felt that day in addition to a more detailed account of what actually happened. I think it will be useful for me to be able to reflect on my emotions along with ensuring a more accurate recollection of the day. I want my journaling to start having more than just a cataloguing purpose.

Journaling is already very rewarding. I just went back to when Sarah and I got engaged and remembered how that was the best weekend of my whole life. It was perfect. It means a lot to be able to reflect on past experiences. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I didn’t write things down. I’m definitely able to remember things without this, but there are little things I’ve written down that I’ve forgotten about. You need to enjoy the little things (Rule #32).

Journaling has been such a nice practice for me to make a habit. I really like being able to look back at my life. If you’ve been thinking about doing it, I’d definitely suggest starting now. You never know what could happen today.

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