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2017-11-23 07:46:43

UPDATE (12/7/17): IT'S LIVE!

I’m going to start an Instagram Series where I use the same filter on each picture I post. I’ll hashtag each one with “#kekoaseriesD2.” I think this will be a cool creative idea that’ll be a fun new challenge for me. It’ll force a different perspective onto each photo.

The inspiration for this idea budded from just wanting a unique wallpaper for my phone. I’ve had some quality photos for a while for my wallpapers, but I wanted something different. I thought a simple solution could be to apply a filter that’s more extreme. I liked the result, and I wanted to keep doing it to more and more photos. That’s when I decided to make it into a series on Instagram.

I take a lot of my photos using an app called Obscura that can take RAW format pictures. Using this format helps retain a lot of the detail that’s lost during compression. It enables finer tuning and greater control in the editing process.

After I take the picture I run it through Lightroom on iOS. In the Photos app RAW pictures are a little blurry. Running it through Lightroom reveals the clarity and highlights the details that the RAW format allows. I make a few light and color adjustments, then I export it to my Camera Roll.

My next step is importing this photo into VSCO Cam. I apply the filter, and BAM! I’m done. Then I’ll export it and upload it to Instagram.

This process sounds easy—and it is—but that’s not the point of this series. I’m proving to myself that a filter can’t automatically make every photo look good and have the same effect. Each has it’s own color science that will react differently to the filter. I’ve already had a few failed attempts at this.

This will force me to take a picture in a way that I think will play nicely with this filter. I like this aspect of this series. This will be a fun experiment for me.

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