I finished a knitting project!

2018-11-20 05:07:45

I finished my cowl! I've been working on it for who knows how long (months). It was supposed to be a hat, but I didn't gauge (ALWAYS GAUGE); and it became too wide. I kept going because I had hope that it could just be a super floppy hat, but it seemed grim as I kept knitting. The Tipsy Knitters, the knitting group Sarah and I go to, suggested I make it into a cowl. At first I was apprehensive just because I really wanted it to be what I originally intended, but I eventually gave in. I'm really glad I finally finished a knitting project. My cowl has quite a few mistakes, but it didn't matter to me because I wasn't giving it to anyone. It was good enough for me to finish.

I'm proud of myself for finishing it. It was a good learning experience. I made the mistake of purling a whole row, and Sarah showed me how to fix it without pulling it out! I'm better at recognizing what stitches are supposed to look like. I learned how to bind off and cast off. I'm just better at knitting now, albeit I'm still a rookie. I've been knitting for a whole year pretty much, but I've never finished anything. Now I have!



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