Hap Tim Laptop Backpack Review

2019-06-20 22:45:24

I’ve had the same orange L.L.Bean backpack since I was in high school. There’s a lot to like about it. It’s rugged. It’s water resistant. The design isn’t too bad. It has enough pockets. It holds everything I want it to. It’s a good backpack. However, I figured it’s about time I got a new one. My friend Trey got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday, and I decided to use it for a new backpack. I wanted to make the most of the gift card, so I looked and looked and looked for a well reviewed, sick looking, modern bag. Then I found the Hap Tim Laptop Backpack.

First Impressions

When I first opened the box, I was very impressed with the design. Pictures can make a product look nicer than it actually is, but this bad boy is the real deal. I was not let down at all. I put the bag on immediately because of how excited I was about it. It felt lighter and is more compact than my L.L.Bean. It felt comfortable on my back, and I couldn’t wait to pack it with my work supplies. I thought about going through everything to keep it minimal just in case this bag couldn’t handle it because sometimes a bag can be TOO minimal, but I decided against that. I’m glad I did because it handled everything like a champ. Everything1 fit and fit with ease. Every single one of the pockets still has space. This is key because I don’t want an overly stuffed bag that makes it difficult to put stuff in and get stuff out. I was ready to put it to the test.

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Everyday Carry LMAO

This bag exceeded my expectations all week. It feels good when I wear it. It stands up on its own as advertised. The zippers are very nice and feel so smooth. The handle at the top comes in clutch. Since the two straps can be grasped together, the balance of the bag is more centered when I lift it up compared to a bag with the one loop sewn on to the back of the bag. That makes it easier to lift this bag. The general compactness of this bag also contributes to its ease of lift.

I also seized the opportunity to push it to its limits. I used it as my only bag for spending the weekend away. I kept all of my work stuff in it while packing it with all the clothes I needed. Everything fit! I was so psyched about this because I love this bag so much, I literally want to use it as much as possible for anything at all. I’m glad it passed this self-imposed test. I’m so hyped on using it all the time now.


Now I’d like to talk about the nitty-gritty about this bag. The outer fabric feels tough, and I’ve already utilized the water resistance (WE’RE GOOD). The inner fabric is slippery, which is nice because that makes it easier to move things in and out. The hinge mechanism of the main compartment is metal. It feels really solid, and that gives me confidence in this bag’s longevity knowing that I probably can’t break/bend it too easily. The front magnetic button has a solid click to it when it closes. It’s relatively easy to open, which I like because sometimes I need to get something out of it quickly; but I can also tell that it’s secure and won’t open without explicit action. The tiny strap that holds the top straps together comes in handy. I was able to hook my hat and knitting bag around the handles so I didn’t have to carry them separately. Unfortunately I haven’t needed the luggage strap yet, but I’m definitely glad it’s there. I love being able to see directly into the bag when I open the main compartment. I don’t have to do a bunch of stretching to the bag to view any compartment really. I had to do that a lot with my L.L.Bean when I was looking for stuff. Everything is just so much more accessible in this bag, and I appreciate that so much. Truly the use and accessibility I’m getting out of this bag makes my life just that much better.


All of these little things help boost all of the features this bag already has and raises it to another level. This is definitely the best backpack I’ve ever owned. It has quickly become my favorite. This bag has everything I need and want. I can’t say anything bad about it. I’ve enjoyed using it since day one. It has presented absolutely no problems and has surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this backpack to anyone looking to purchase a new one.

Everything: 1 pair of khakis, 2 shirts, 1 button down short sleeve shirt, 1 button down long sleeve shirt, 2 basketball shorts, 1 pair of Chubbies, underwear, socks, 2 really long charging cables, toothbrush, razor

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