Different Perspectives

2017-01-22 17:03:53

I know my own personality; however, sometimes you get surprised by other people's perceptions of you. Recently one of my friends told me he could totally see me being a salesman. I asked why, and he said because of my personality. I just have that kind of personality. When he said that it really intrigued and flattered me. I secretly feel like I could do that. It wouldn't have to explicitly be a sales, but it could be a job that required that kind of charisma and attitude--a job that requires something being sold in some kind of way. I just really liked being told that. 

It's intriguing to think about doing something different than what you thought you'd be doing for your career. You kinda think to yourself, "Could I do that? I could probably do that." And then you switch to thinking, "Would I want to do that?" Maybe.

Discovering new things about yourself is great. It's a way for you to progress in life. It enables you to think from different perspectives. It's always good to change your mindset once in a while, and this experience definitely made me do that.

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