My Thoughts on WWDC22 and More!

2022-06-15 15:14:00

In Bloganueva's maiden newsletter, I talk about WWDC22, a resource for Laravel, and an update to Todoist.

Hello, and welcome to the first ever Bloganueva newsletter! In these newsletters you'll find links to articles and resources that I find interesting and that I think readers should know about! Okay, intro's over! Let's get right into it!

My Thoughts on WWDC22

WWDC22 was unique this year, with some in-person aspects mixed with their streamed keynote. I think a lot of interesting things were announced, but the things I'm most excited for are the new Lock Screen coming in iOS 16 and the new M2 MacBook Air.

The Lock Screen in iOS 16 will be more customizable. Widget placement will be available. It will also integrate with Focus modes so you can have different Lock Screens for each mode. I think this will be a welcome change because as everyone saw with iOS 14 and Home Screen widgets, users jumped at the chance to give their devices more unique identities. I think the same will happen here.

Regarding the new MacBook Air, this will be the computer that most people should get. With the new M2 chip and great design, I think it'll be a home run. Most consumers, even pro-sumers, should get so much out of this device. I think Apple will sell a lot of these bad bois (if supply chain ain't a b-word).

Overall, I really liked what came from WWDC22. New APIs, updates to existing system apps, and even a more expansive Car Play were announced. I'm looking forward to seeing what developers will do with these new APIs and how these new devices do.

Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet

I just found out about Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet; but I use the artisan commands all the time, and I know this will be a great resource for me. The code base for this was updated to Laravel 9 less than 2 weeks ago, so it looks like it stays maintained. This is a great convenience for Laravel users.

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Todoist Has a New Task View

My task manager of choice Todoist bestowed upon its users a great update. Task View has been updated! Here are some highlights:

I think these updates are great! Todoist has really done a great job at staying updated and competitive in this space where there are so many other options. I highly recommend this task manager if you're looking for one!

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