Post-Election Violence

2 years ago

The riots that are happening aren't good. At all. People are vandalizing and destroying property. That's not what citizens should do if they disagree with the outcome of an election. Instead, they should band together and organize in a way that's focused on changing what they want changed. I understand why these protests/riots are happening. I don't agree with the extreme degree to which some of them have been carried out.

But this election has also birthed even greater hate than there was before the actual election. People are scared for their lives. If you think that the people that are scared don't need to be, you're straight up wrong. All over the internet there are people posting things happening directly to them. You probably don't see too much of what I'm talking about on here, but go hop on Twitter for a quick sec if you're curious. If not I'm sure they're posted other places too.

The hate on both sides needs to stop. The rioting (not protests) need to stop. The sexual, cultural/ethnic, and lifestyle assaults (I didn't know how to word this, but I wanted to cover everything) need to stop. If we want something changed--and I know our system is really messed up--we need to change it by however we (legally) can.

Donald Trump is president. I know a lot of people don't like that. But there are other aspects of our government that are ruining this country. The fact that the electoral college doesn't have term limits is astounding. These elected officials just stay in office, a lot of the time not accomplishing anything or making things worse. You can protest Trump as president, but also give consideration to protesting this aspect as well.

To end, we need to stop hating and disrespecting one another. Kids I went to highschool with are attacking each other. Family members are attacking each other. Don't let this election enable you to forget about what's important in life. Love will prevail. It needs to.

I Bought a Manfrotto PIXI

2 years ago

I just bought a Manfrotto PIXI Mini tripod. I got it because the Innovapod I asked Sarah to get me keeps falling apart. To be clear it's not her fault she got that particular tripod for me. I specifically asked for that one because I thought it was going to be good. It was, but the legs and the balls of the design are prone to falling apart or coming off. I really like that tripod because I can angle my phone pretty much any way I want. However, I cannot really deal with its unreliability anymore. I decided to get the Manfrotto because it has overall great reviews and seemed a lot sturdier than my current tripod.

I've been thinking about minimalizing my vlogging setup ever since I went to Houston to visit my brother. I used to use the Innovapod along with this all-metal ball head. The ball head was **very** heavy. That compromised the Innovapod's rigidity. I understand that I didn't need to use the ball head, but it was for the aesthetic and functionality. Currently I'm using an external lavalier mic with multiple windscreens to block the wind and a smartphone mount. I'm no longer using the ball head; only the Manfrotto. It's working very well so far. I like the angle I can get with it because of the tripod's ability to rotate at the top and its light weight. I don't mind holding it as much as I did the other setup. I know I won't be able to wrap this tripod around any branches or rails, but I never did that in the first place. So far, I think this tripod is fitting my needs, and I couldn't be happier about it.

My iPhone

2 years ago

I love my iPhone. I've never enjoyed using a phone more in my whole life. I had Android phones before I had this one. I tried being a loyal Nexus user, but I kept feeling the pressure of getting an iPhone. All the famous people had them, my family and friends had them. I tried being different, but deep down I knew I wanted one.

My first iPhone was given to me by my girlfriend's PawPaw. It was an iPhone 5. My Google Nexus 5's motherboard had just breathed its last breath. I needed a phone, and he was kind enough to let me have it.

I was so excited about this phone. I wanted to set it up and download all the apps I had on my previous phones. I knew some of the apps in the Google Play Store weren't in the App Store, but I found their equivalents. The App Store came first in history, so I knew I wouldn't have difficulty finding those replacement apps.

Eventually I got my phone all set up. It was my iPhone now. I liked using that phone. It was a nice introduction into iOS. I was considering getting either the iPhone 6S Plus or the Google Nexus 6P when I could afford it. However, using this phone solidified my decision to purchase the best iPhone yet. I'm so glad I did. I've never used a phone this much.

I've never felt like a phone could be as immersive as this one is. I do more with my iPhone now than I ever have with any other phone. It helps me stay more organized. It helps me stay more connected. I love picking up this phone and using it. It doesn't just feel like a phone. It feels like a necessary tool for my everyday life. I have all my reminders on it. I have ideas on it. I have my life on it. It kind of isn't good how much we depend on something. However, the other side of that is that this device can do so much for you. I'm trying to use it to its full potential. I'm glad this is the approach I'm taking. I believe I'm getting my money's worth.

This is the first post on my new website!

1 year ago

Thanks for visiting my new website! I hope you enjoy! It's basically done for the most part, but I will be adding features and updating certain aspects of it. I'll also be slowly adding the blog posts that were on my original site.

My first website was built on WordPress, and I really liked that one. However, I've been wanting to move away from it for quite a while now. My boss introduced me to this PHP framework called Laravel, and I really enjoyed using it. So much so that I decided to build my new site using it.

I really enjoy how my site is turning out. Please let me know if you see anything wrong with it. You can contact me through one of my socials on the contact page. Thanks again for visiting my new site!