Rode VideoMicro

5 months ago

The Rode VideoMicro is my new microphone. I was using a lavalier mic for recording videos on my phone. It works pretty well. The sound quality is good for up-close things; however, the sound does get blown out for even slightly louder noises. That’s not ideal. I’ve had to redo several videos because of this issue. The VideoMicro can handle a wider variety of situations compared to my lavalier mic.

As a general nugget of information, make sure you get a TRRS auxiliary cable if you’re using this mic with a phone. It only comes with a TRS auxiliary cable.

I made the mistake of not getting that cable for myself, and I couldn't use my Micro for a couple of days after I received it in the mail.

The build is solid. It's all-metal, and I really like that. I was concerned with damaging it from taking the furry windshield on and off, but that will never happen. It's good to know I won't damage my mic unless something extreme occurs.

The shock mount works well. It’s more flexible than I thought it would be, but I understand why it’s like that. It's built with the foresight that the user will be moving it around a lot. I appreciate that consideration. It’s good support for the mic.

I’ve tested it multiple times in very noisy conditions. I made sure that they were similar situations where my lavalier mic failed to record usable audio. Even though the background noise is present, it’s not overblown; and I can still hear myself clearly. That’s such a welcome improvement.

The furry windshield actually works. It’s secure on the actual mic, but it’s also pretty easy to remove and attach if I want to. I like having that ability. I’ve used some smaller wind shields on my lavalier mic, and they only work a little. The shield that comes with the VideoMicro really means business. I vlogged at the Air, Sea & Land Festival. It was extremely noisy because of strong winds and planes flying everywhere and engines running, yet the Micro performed admirably. I’m more than satisfied with the results.

The sound quality is great. It’s much better than my phone’s microphones. It does at least as well with the up-close things as my lavalier mic, if not better. It does really well in wind and noise. I’m so happy with my purchase. I’d highly recommend this mic to anyone looking to have better audio quality in their videos without breaking the bank. You also do not have to turn it on for it to work; just plug it in. This is a great product.

The Glif

5 months ago

The Glif is my phone holder of choice. I first heard of it listening to the podcast “Thoroughly Considered” from Relay FM. Myke Hurley’s co-hosts Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt are the owners of Studio Neat. They talk about their design process on that show, and I thought it was quite interesting. When I started listening to that show, they were talking about how the making of the second generation of The Glif was going. Hearing about why they make particular decisions inspires me to think about workflows and ways I do things in my life. With that out of the way, here’s my take on the Glif.

This product is simply amazing. I don’t think there’s anything out there that’s better. I have another phone clamp that works fine, but it’s failed more times than it should have. It just has a spring mechanism to hold it in place. The contact area it has is good; however, the spring simply isn’t strong enough. My phone’s changed positions multiple times while in it, and that’s caused some videos I’ve tried recording to be messed up. That’s not good. Your equipment needs to be reliable, and my first clamp just isn't. I started looking for a replacement, and I became really interested in the Glif while listening to the podcast. I was so excited for it to come out, but I eventually had to wait to purchase it until I could afford it. It’s not the least expensive option, but I think the price is worth it.

The Glif comes with the option to purchase a wooden handle with an attachable wrist strap. This is another solid peace of hardware that I’ve also been looking to buy, so I thought it fortunate that it was offered with the Glif. It looks great; it feels great; and it works great. The wrist strap also feels solid; however, I’ve noticed with recording video that I can hear the jingling of the metal hook attachment. This isn’t a big deal because I can just hold it down. I’m so confident with this that I just let my whole setup dangle from my wrist. I know nothing’s going to happen.

You can attach a cold shoe mount to two spots on the Glif, allowing for a light, microphone or whatever else you want. I’ve taken advantage of this and put my Rode VideoMicro on it. This is yet another solid part of this product’s build.

The Glif is a remarkable product. The mechanism for tightening and releasing is genius. I haven’t seen anything like it. It’s so easy to use. It’s extremely strong. Most importantly, it’s reliable. I'm confident that nothing will go wrong while I’m using it. In the promo video a user is shown shaking it vigorously. I’ve confirmed that. It also shows a user trying to literally pull a phone out. I’ve confirmed that as well.

This product is exactly as good as I wanted it to be. I had high expectations of the Glif. It has not disappointed one bit. I see this as an investment. I’m going to use it for a very long time. Studio Neat has a really neat product in the Glif.

I still can't first-take it.

1 year ago

I'm still having trouble with recording covers. I love singing, and I love playing my ukulele. I'm happy when I do those things, and it doesn't feel like I'm trying when I'm just doing it by myself. The problems come when I start to record. I forget the words. I forget the chords. I get so nervous. I want it to be perfect. I try to calm myself down, but that doesn't work. I have to do multiple takes every time. I hate that. I tried recording one today and didn't end up finishing it. I messed up one of the last lines of the song. I need to find a way to calm myself and just have fun like when I'm not recording. I'll post about it whenever that happens.

I really love my new setup!

1 year ago

The Glif is amazing. It's so stable and sturdy. The mic is good too. I just tested it in a very noisy setting, and I could still hear myself; and it wasn't crackling at all. I'm so glad I got these. I'm inspired to make videos again!

Gary Sinise is at The National WWII Museum!

1 year ago

Gary Sinise is here! I'm pretty starstruck already, and I haven't even seen him yet!

Do Your Research

1 year ago

I was excited today. I ordered some things on Amazon, and they were delivered this afternoon. Of course it took me longer than usual to get home. I did an unboxing of my items, and set everything up. BUT one of the items didn't work. That's because I didn't get a proper cord that I needed. I thought I did enough research; apparently not. When I get the cord I need, I'll share what I'm talking about. I just really wanted to present this as a whole, so I'm waiting until Thursday. Stay tuned.

Cleaning House

1 year ago

It does something for the soul. My boss and I were talking the other day, and he said if I'm ever stressed out or overwhelmed, clean my house. He told me to revisit this subject afterwards. He's right. It really helps with that, and it really just does some good even when nothings wrong. Sarah and I are cleaning our house right now, and I'm really enjoying the progress we're making.

Picture Perfect

1 year ago

Working at The National World War II Museum has inspired me to take more pictures. I was a little out of it for a while, but seeing the sights there everyday has erased that feeling. I feel so lucky to work there.

Creative Push

1 year ago

I'm trying to post everyday on here. That's pushing me to think about and write about something interesting. Through this process I believe I'll sharpen my mind and force myself to think in new, different ways. I also think my writing will improve, and that's something I've always wanted to do.

I Love My Job

1 year ago

I really love my job. It's my favorite one I've ever had. I'm learning so much and having so much fun. I know I have more to say, but I just wanted to get this little bit out there.

I Should Have Planned

1 year ago

It helps to plan. My boss highly suggests that, and he's a really good front-end developer. I will listen to that advice eventually; I just really wanted my new site to be live. It's really effecting my process though. I keep needing to change little things here and there because I didn't plan and visualize beforehand. Bottom line: MAKE A PLAN.

Iterative Design

1 year ago

If you hadn't noticed I changed the look of my site already. I liked it, but deep down I knew I could make it better. I drew inspiration from two of my most used iOS apps, Todoist and Apple Notes. My favorite color is yellow, and I enjoy the two yellows of these apps. I also thought it'd be appropriate for my blog to look like some kind of notebook, a writing pad. I really liked this idea, and I'm very glad with how it's turning out so far. Sometimes you need to see something in order to know what needs to be changed. I've been making incremental changes to make sure one thing looks good before I move onto another one. I'm even more excited about my site now.