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What’s on My iPhone COVID-19 Edition

1 month ago

COVID-19 Quarantine caused me to rethink the layout of my home screens on my phone. I’ve posted before about them, but they’re way different now. My mindset back then was focused on utility and a little aesthetic (even though a lot was going on). I wanted them to be easily accessible for one handed use. This accessibility does still matter, just not nearly as much right now. I decided I wanted my screens to accommodate how I’ve been using my phone while being at home literally all the time. Let me layout what’s going on and why they are the way that they are.

I first decided I wanted a two screen setup. I had a one screen setup before, and that was working well; but I wanted a simpler first screen. Like most people, I’ve been using my phone for entertainment or an escape from the bad that’s been happening right now; but I’ve also been trying to use it to capture and create. I wanted my first screen’s focus to be a mix of the apps I use for those purposes and a few of the apps I use the most.

The top row includes my most used 4 apps that don’t fit in to the mentioned uses. The eight apps to the left are the ones I use for capture and creation. The eight apps to the right are the ones I use for some kind of entertainment. Those include the social media, communication, and consumption apps I frequently use. Here’s where my lessened want of one handed accessibility comes into play. I used to add blank icons or just other apps or folders to the top rows to push down the apps I wanted closer to the dock, but I’m not doing that. I’m just simply putting them closer to the bottom without the filler rows.


The second page just has all the rest of my apps categorized into only 8 folders unlike the 70 folders I used to have (that was so dumb). I’m not going to get into those, but I think they’re pretty self explanatory. I used to have folders filling up the screen, but that’s way too many. No one should have that many folders with only 2 apps in each folder. Having these 8 folders just makes the second screen more minimalistic. I can find apps if I really want them, or I can just search for them. This will also help me figure out what apps I straight up don’t use. I have the setting that offloads an app’s data if you don’t use it. If that’s the case I’ll just delete the app if I really don’t use it/really won’t ever use it again in the future (#minimalism).

The dock has the apps I always want easy access to no matter what screen I’m on: DraftsNotionOvercast, and Todoist. Drafts, Notion, and Todoist help me live my life. Drafts is where I can write literally anything and everything down. Notion is where I organize different aspects of my life. Todoist is my task manager. Overcast is my podcast player. After this doodoo situation is over, I definitely plan on rearranging my screens again, but these four apps will stay here. They have the biggest impact on my daily life.

That’s my current COVID-19 Quarantine layout. Changing things up on your phone can almost (not really) make it feel like new. I hope this post either helps you organize your home screen(s) or provide some kind of entertainment.

Note: I made a new wallpaper if you care to download. It’s also based on my blog’s colors.

How to Make Whipped Coffee

2 months ago

I decided to make the internet's favorite coffee trend, whipped coffee! Here's what you have to do to make it. It was very easy to make, and it tasted pretty good. Pro-tip: Don't just let the whipped stuff sit on top; mix it together with the milk. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Quarantine Continued

2 months ago

Quarantine is affecting us all differently. This vlog is just more of what I've been up to and the things I've been doing to make the best of the situation. This vlog took place between March 24, 2020 to April 8, 2020.

Someone You Loved Ukulele Cover

3 months ago

During this quarantine I'd like to try and make more covers. I posted one on my Instagram already of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. Here's my cover of "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi. I hope you enjoy.

Quarantine: Week One

3 months ago

It's been a whole week of staying at home for me. I've just been working pretty much. I've enjoyed trying to find things to vlog and take photos of during this time. I've just wanted to keep my creativity up since being in the same place for more than a week can put a damper on that. Here's a vlog from the first week. I also made a new Intro and a new Outro that I'm super psyched about! Let me know what you think! I'll just be staying home for the foreseeable future as of now.

Apple Shortcuts Shortcut for Seamless Instagram Panorama

3 months ago

I created a shortcut that will split a photo in two so you can create a seamless panorama on Instagram. No longer do you need a photo editor. You can just run this shortcut.

I’ve been seeing split photos taking advantage of Instagram’s slider functionality for a little while now. The Museum’s Instagram has also been using it, and that’s what really pushed me to actually want to post some myself.

For a seamless panorama to work, you just need to crop a photo (preferably high resolution) in a 2 x 1 ratio and cut it in half. However, I didn’t want to edit a photo every single time in some photo editor. That’s when I had the idea to make a shortcut for it. Shortcuts is an iOS (and now MacOS) app where you can create your own shortcuts (automations) using third-party and system apps and their supported actions. I’ve always had trouble making shortcuts, ever since the app was called Workflow. However, something finally clicked this time.

The best way to learn how shortcuts work is to look at an existing one. I started by looking at others to see how they handle taking in photos as input. Once I understood this I started to think about the logic I wanted to use for this. I iterated a few times to get it right.

Shortcut Break Down

When you run the shortcut, you’re asked in what general area you want to crop your photo. After you choose it runs and outputs your photos. Let’s look at how the shortcut is made.

The shortcut begins with a description and an If block. The If block basically is, if you opened the shortcut from the Share Sheet from a photo, use that photo. Otherwise, open Photos so I can pick one. After a photo is chosen, the shortcut gets the width and divides it by 2 and stores both values. This approach lets you get a panorama from basically any photo. It then crops the photo using what area you chose. Then, it takes the height of the 2 x 1 photo and crops it to the left using the height as both the width and height and stores it. Then it crops the 2 x 1 photo to the right and stores it. That’s it! You’ve just made photos you can use to post a seamless panorama on Insta.

Panorama Photo Set

I’m so glad I made this shortcut because it’s so easy to turn pretty much any photo into a seamless panorama. There’s basically no barrier to entry. You don’t need to learn how to use a photo editor; just run this. I already posted a bunch of photos from our trip to Disney, and I can’t wait to post more. If you end up using this, let me know how you like it and if there’s anything else I can do to it.

  • Bob the Bug (Left)
  • Bob the Bug (Right)

Note: Shortcuts can be accessed multiple ways depending on how they’re built. They can be run in the Shortcuts app or through the iOS Share Sheet. My shortcut works every time as long as you open it through Shortcuts. The share sheet way seems to be buggy, I’m not sure why.

The National WWII Museum is closed because of COVID-19.

2 months ago

Update: The Museum remains closed until everything is designated safe enough.

Novel Corona (COVID-19) has caused institutions and businesses across the world to close, including The National WWII Museum. It will be closed for a month and will reopen on April 13th. I'll be working from home during this time. I just wanted to document a little on Friday because it felt so intense. I plan on vlogging some during this time. Everyone, be safe and wash your hands.

Weekend at the JW Marriot

4 months ago

Sarah planned the Butcher Distributors Dealer Meeting this year. It was at the JW Marriot, and Butcher graciously put us up in a wonderful room for the weekend. We had a really good time. Sarah did great planning the event, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Here's a vlog I made of the weekend.

High Resolution Phone Wallpapers

5 months ago

I made high resolution phone wallpapers inspired by my site's header and footer. I'm not very good at Photoshop or any other Adobe products; so the little squares you see, I placed those one by one (LOL). It took a little while, but oh well. I subscribe to r/iOSsetups, and I was inspired by all the wallpapers that had micro objects like stars or dots sprinkled about. That's when I decided to make one that was on theme with my brand.

Multiple Phone Wallpapers

I made a few with varying background colors, and I made a transparent one. I thought this could be a pretty cool little project, and I'm glad I did it. Feel free to download them and use them on your own phones or devices!


Byte App Review

5 months ago

Byte officially launched last week. It’s a social media app that focuses on user generated 6 second videos. It was founded by one of the founders of everyone’s favorite app Vine. Vine was a great app where users also uploaded 6 second videos. Since videos were only 6 seconds, this encouraged a whole new type of creativity when making videos. Sadly it was mismanaged, and the app was shut down.

There’s been other short video apps after Vine like and now TikTok, but they were/are no Vine. Vine was so funny and different. Back then I spent more time on Vine than on YouTube. That’s really weird to think about, but the short videos were so easy to consume and get lost in. I refused to get in to on principle, and TikTok just has a vibe I almost despise. However, I heard about a “Vine 2” coming out last year; and I was so excited for it to launch. Now it’s here, and I’m so glad the Vine sized hole in social media has been filled. There are so many similarities between Byte and Vine, but I really like that. For users like me that used to use Vine, I’m glad it’s not a whole new app you need to learn. You’re already familiar with it, so you can just focus on the content. For those who weren’t here for the glory days, Byte is still a really good looking app that will attract brand new users.

Profile Page

Your profile has a photo, a description, and your videos. You can choose between different color palettes to customize it. At the time of writing, unlike Vine, Byte doesn’t show followers and following counts (for the time being). I like that because it doesn’t make it about people comparing themselves to each other. The creators of Byte are just trying to make it about the content.


Here you’ll find what you’re able to configure in the app along with a lot of extras. You can view all yours stats and your own interactions in Settings. You can also change the app icon–I love when apps enable you to do this. They even have one that’s the same color as the old Vine icon.


There is a discovery page just like on Vine. It legit looks pretty much like the old page. There’s different categories designated by fun buttons. Currently you can only search by username, but I’m assuming that will change.


This is your notification page where you can see likes, comments, rebytes, and followers.


The camera has the same stop-motion functionality everyone is used to. You just hold down the camera button for however long you want to, then you let go and repeat until you’re satisfied with the video or until it’s reached max length. There’s only a ghosting feature that meta-overlays a frame over the video, but more features will come. You can upload videos from you camera still, so you can get as creative as you want outside the app.


This is the main feed where you see videos and rebytes from people you follow. A rebyte is like a revine/retweet. You can post other people’s videos to your own page. You can like, comment, or rebyte from here. Byte will also have “For Your Consideration” posts to help you discover different creators. This feature is okay right now, but the creator Dom said they will be adding more and more features as time goes on.

I’m so glad Byte is here. It’s pretty barebones, but it’s got the core features I believe will help it succeed; for good this time (I hope). I believe the founders really don’t want to repeat the past and have learned from Vine’s mistakes. I missed the vibe Vine left behind. I’m glad Byte’s creators were considerate of how much people loved Vine and the features that made it what it was and made sure Byte paid proper respect. I made some vines, but not consistently. I’m feeling inspired, and I’m looking to change that on Byte. I’m excited to see where Byte goes. (Follow @kekoafasho on Byte.)

#MuseumSelfie Day

5 months ago

On Wednesday it was #MuseumSelfie Day. Museums around the world encouraged people to post photos of themselves in exhibits or in front of artifacts or other pieces. I really liked this idea trying to convey a sense of community among those that work at and enjoy visiting museums. I work at The National WWII Museum, so I was excited to learn we were participating in this. I decided to make a short video of the path I took throughout the Museum while I was doing this. It was a lot of fun! I'm really glad I participated in this.

Work Desk Tour

6 months ago

I woke up yesterday really wanting to video something, anything at all pretty much. I did that for a little bit, but then I got to work and thought, "Wait, I can make a video about my work desk!" I was so happy because I actually had an idea for a video for once instead of just recording random stuff. I'm happy with how it turned out!