YouTube Channel Update (Again)

2016-12-21 17:01:44

I know I just made a channel update to vlogging Monday-Thursday and posting Tuesdsay-Friday, but I'm making another change. This isn't a spontaneous change. I've been thinking about doing this for a while. I've talked to my girlfriend about this a few times. I recently just talked to my brother about this. I'm only going to be making weekly vlogs now.

I don't live a very interesting life. At least not one where I can make an interesting video every single day. I thought I could remedy that by only vlogging four days a week. That didn't end up working out. I love my life, don't get me wrong. I'm just not always doing something, let alone something interesting enough to vlog.

Coming up with content when you don't really have much to work with is hard. You want to do it because you've laid out a plan you want to stay committed to, but you just can't sometimes. Sometimes if you do that it can just come out being filler. I don't want that anymore. I KNOW some of my videos have been really bad (and I mean REALLY bad). That's because I tried forcing something being created out of nothing. It just doesn't work. I want to make actual good content that's not painstaking to get through. I want all aspects of the content I create to be necessities, not fillers. I feel like that with this weekly vlog schedule, I'll be able to accomplish that.

I've been talking to my girlfriend Sarah for a while about this. We both agree that it's hard to vlog everyday. I don't live in a city where I can do something really interesting everyday.  I have a full-time job. YouTube is just a fun thing that I'm doing right now, and my job takes up most of my time. It's really unrealistic for me to make interesting content everyday.

My brother said sometimes it's hard to watch my vlogs. I totally understand where he's coming from. I really don't want that for my channel anymore. He told me recently that he'd rather I put out a weekly vlog chock-full of good content than daily vlogs that are boring. I agree with him.

I'm glad I've had these two people in my life help me come to this conclusion. I've been thinking internally about doing this, but having them both talk with me was the catalyst for my coming to this decision. I hope you understand. I just want to be able to create that best content that I can. I believe doing this will really help me achieve that.

I will be posting weekly vlogs on Fridays at 3:00pm US Central Standard Time. I'll occasionally sprinkle in an extra vlog when my week is interesting, but there will be officially only one scheduled video a week. Concerning my covers, I still haven't figured out a good schedule for those yet. Those are trickier because they require practice. I want to do more of them, but I need to put in the time first.

That's my channel update. I hope you understand and stick with me. I just want to produce the best possible content I can. To everyone that is subscribed to me or follows me, I really appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you.

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