Thank You, Casey Neistat

2016-11-21 16:56:38

I started my YouTube channel early 2013. My first video involved using an Arduino bread board for one of my classes. My next video was a vocal and ukulele cover of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. I made a few more Arduino videos and two more covers--one a vocal and ukulele and the other a drum--that year. After that, I didn't post for 2 and a half years. I started wanting to post again, so I started thinking about what I wanted to do--covers again. I waited until I got the iPhone 6S Plus. I planned on posting a cover a week. I was following that plan for a little while. Then one day I was watching an MKBHD video, and he referenced the way a YouTuber named Casey Neistat opened boxes. So naturally, since MKBHD watched him, I thought I should at least check him out. So I did. And my YouTube world was changed forever. In the first vlog I watched of his, he said even though it's a vlog, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be high quality. That had a resounding effect on me. He inspired me to start vlogging myself. And not only vlogging--daily vlogging. I was so excited about the idea. My first vlog was one I've never posted. It was a Friday spent with my daughter after school. I never posted it because of a point I made in a previous vlog. Since then, I've made 76 vlogs. He inspired me to stay committed to vlogging and my channel in general. He inspired me to be as creative as I could be. I have him to thank for all the content I've put out on my channel. I don't know if I would've ever started vlogging, let alone watching vlogs, if I wouldn't have found him. I was never interested in vlogs until I saw his. Now I love watching them. I have him to thank for my desire to upload as much as I have. He said to just keep uploading. That's stayed with me. I wish him the best of luck in the new content he's decided to make. I look forward to it. I respect his decision to stop vlogging, and I can 100% understand why he's stopping. I appreciate the impact you've had on all of YouTube and my own channel. Your vlogs will be missed. Thank you, Casey Neistat. For everything.

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