ReactJS at Work

2018-07-24 13:51:35

I’ve been really interested in learning ReactJS for a while now. It’s the new hotness, and everyone wants to do it. Employers are looking for this skill; and to pile onto that, there’s a sort of a peer pressure amongst developers to know this tech now. If you don’t know it, you’re not keeping up with the times. I’ve felt this pressure, and that coupled with ReactJS’ versatility really made me want to learn it. I’ve done some tutorials, but they covered really basic aspects of the framework. Last week I finally got the chance to dive in a little more. It was really fun!

My boss and I were trying to add something to one of our Drupal sites built with ReactJS. We worked together to figure things out. I always enjoy learning something new in code, especially when I’m able to execute it properly. This was definitely a great learning experience. I’m glad we worked on this together because it helped me understand everything more quickly than I would’ve if I would’ve done this on my own. Having someone that you can bounce ideas off and that has solutions you didn’t think of is such an asset. We were both super excited about this particular fix! A day or two later I fixed something small by myself. That was really great because I did this one solo having learned what I did the day before. My understanding has really grown dealing with these fixes, and I’m really excited to learn more about ReactJS!

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